Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies

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Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies (Matrix) is an open-access, peer-reviewed and refereed scholarly journal published by the International Network for Training, Education, and Research on Culture (Network on Culture), Canada. Matrix is published online twice yearly (Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer).

Matrix is a new journal in the humanities and social sciences, founded to provide an interdisciplinary forum for those who are working from the theoretical stance of matriculture as a Geertzian cultural system. Matriculture refers to the cultural system that brings together all cultural aspects informing the lives of mothers, usually women, of a given society, and by extension, the lives of women. Talking about matricultural systems allows us to consider as primary the cultural context of a given society as perceived, constructed, and lived by its women.

Similar to other cultural systems such as art, religion, or mathematics, employing the heuristic of matriculture allows for, among other things: cross-cultural comparisons; fresh insights into the social roles of women, men, otherwise identified, children, and the entire community of humans, animals, and the environment; and/or renewed understandings of historically mis-labelled cultures. With Guédon’s work in mind, then, and based on Geertzian principles, the concept of matriculture is both a model of reality by rendering the structure of matricultures apprehensible and a model for reality, where psychological relationships are organized under its guidance.

We encourage submissions from scholars around the world who are ready to take a new look at the ways in which people - historically and currently - have organized meaningful relationships amongst themselves and with the natural environment, the myths, customs, and laws which support these relationships, and the ways in which researchers have documented and perhaps mis-labeled the matricultures they have encountered.

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Calls for Papers

Creative Contributions

Matrix encourages creative artworks in any media and community contributions which focus on the theme of the issue. As an online journal, any medium suitable for inclusion will be of interest.

Personal Reflections on the Theme

Matrix welcomes essays which are personal reflections on the theme of an issue. These personal reflections are not peer-reviewed, but offer ideas, thoughts, or analyses which may suggest new directions for research, subjective conclusions regarding research, or, simply, expand our consciousness about the topic.

Book Reviews

Matrix is interested in reviewing books pertaining to the subject matter of the journal. Authors are welcome to inquire about the possibility of a review, which the Editorial Collective will co-ordinate, and reviewers are welcome to submit their review for consideration in an upcoming issue.

Letters to the Editorial Collective

All good scholarship inspires discussion and respectful debate is crucial to the advancement of knowledge. Matrix invites responses, feedback, comments, and constructive criticism to the material we publish. With permission, letters to the Editorial Collective may be published in an upcoming issue (contact is via the email address above).

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