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Global Matricultures Research Network (MatNet)

The Global Matricultures Research Network (MatNet) is an international network for research based on Marie-Françoise Guédon’s concept of matriculture. That is, as a cultural system in the classical Geertzian sense within which the experiences and expressions of women are primary.

Similar to other cultural systems such as art, religion, or mathematics, employing the heuristic of matriculture allows for, among other things: cross-cultural comparisons; fresh insights into the social roles of women, men, children, and the entire community of humans, animals, and the environment; or renewed understandings of historically mis-labelled cultures. With Guédon’s work in mind, then, and based on Geertzian principles, the concept of matriculture is both a model of reality by rendering the structure of matricultures apprehensible and a model for reality, where psychological relationships are organized under its guidance.

MatNet encourages and supports research which explores, evaluates, re-evaluates, and interprets global cultures from this perspective. An important MatNet initiative is the journal Matrix: a Journal for Matricultural Studies. To be launched in 2020, it will provide a forum for current research in the field.

MatNet will be hosting a Round Table about the question "What is matriculture?" at the 2021 virtual meeting of the Canadian Anthropological Society/societée Canadienne d'anthropologie, as well as a Symposium with three panel sessions. The sessions are entitled 'Matricultural Cosmovisions', 'Matricultures at War', and 'On the Mother's Side: theoretical consequences of extreme variation in matrilineal kinship systems for defining descent groups'. For further information or to participate in the symposium, please refer to the below-listed Calls for Presentations. For further information about CASCA 2021, visit

How to Submit a Project to the Network on Culture

The Network on Culture welcomes proposals for research, training, or education on culture, or opportunities to collaborate on the same.

If you would like to propose a project, please complete and forward the Proposal Outline (below). We will acknowledge receipt of your Proposal Outline immediately and provide a formal response within sixty days of receipt. If the Proposal Outline aligns with our Mission Statement, fits our Mandate, and agrees with our Guiding Principles, we may ask for further information. In this case, our final decision will be provided within a further sixty days of receiving the requested information.

Please note that we only accept project proposals from members. Information on how to become a member of the Network on Culture is available here.

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