Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies

Volume 2, Issue I (Nov 2021)

Originally scheduled for May 2021, publication of this issue has been delayed until November 2021 due to difficulties relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.



Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies will feature arts, crafts, videos, and other creative works of the Pacific Northwest Coast Indigenous cultures in Volume 2, Issue I (Nov 2021). We invite contributions of any media (including print, audio, or audio-visual) from Indigenous peoples of Pacific Northwest matrilineal societies, of any length. We will consider any art form (visual arts, songs, photographs, beading, poetry, etc) or essay which highlights the revitalization of Indigenous cultures from this geographic region, particularly those which feature or are created by women.

Today there is a re-awakening of Pacific Northwest Indigenous cultures being led by young people who are revitalizing their communities’ arts, songs, and stories, along with the associated ancient ceremonies and protocols. Some of this artwork can be described as decolonizing; such work is also welcome. These creative works can strengthen the personal identity of creators and deepen their knowledge of their role in their ancestral matriculture, which contributes to greater well-being both personally and communally.

By sharing the arts and crafts of strengthening Pacific Northwest cultures, this issue of Matrix will increase awareness about the resiliency of such cultures, and the central role played by women among them.


15 September 2020: deadline for proposals

15 October 2020: finalize selections and notification to creators

15 July 2021: deadline for work submission

30 November 2021: issue available online (may be earlier), open-access


  1. Develope an outline or description of your idea (hard copy, sound track, or sketch)

  2. Describe the inspiration or motivation behind your piece(s) or artwork (100-150 words)

  3. Consider supplying images or recordings of your past work to convey design ideas.

  4. Share details about your creative background (100-150 words, with URL if available).

  5. Send this package to Judith Ramos (Yakutat Tlingit; Alaska) at

For any question, contact Judith Ramos, Issue Editor, at or the Matrix Editorial Collective at

About Matrix

Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies is an open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal published by the International Network for Training, Education, and Research on Culture (Network on Culture), Canada. Matrix is published online twice yearly, in May and November.

For many years, scholarship has explored the expression and role of women in culture from various perspectives such as kinship, economics, ritual, etc, but so far, the idea of approaching culture as a whole, taking the female world as primary, as a cultural system in Geertz’ classical sense of the term – a matriculture – has gone unnoticed. Some cultures have a weakly defined matricultural system; others have strong matricultural systems with various ramifications that may include, but are not limited to, matrilineal kinship, matrilocality, matriarchal governance features – all of which have serious consequences relative to the socio-cultural status of women, men, children, and the entire community of humans, animals, and the environment.

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